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The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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            The flooring industry is always evolving and changing, and with that it’s important that you shop with a company that does, too. Big Time Floors carries the best and most popular styles of flooring, including our most popular: Luxury Vinyl. Luxury Vinyl has taken the industry by storm for many reasons. Some of the main benefits of Luxury Vinyl is that it is water proof, scratch resistant, has one of a kind look, is affordable and most have a residential life time warranty. This warranty alone shows that Luxury Vinyl is here for the long run: it is built to last. The reason why we stock so much Luxury Vinyl here at Big Time Floors is because it is becoming the go to for today’s families. While Hardwood is still an amazing choice for a true natural wood look, it is easier to damage than Luxury Vinyl. LVT is constructed out of a PVC material, which is a strong but lightweight plastic, infused with other ingredients that make a solid core for the plank or tile. This combination is then applied to a backing which is generally a mold/mildew resistant material. After the backing and core are fused together, the digital image of whatever look you may want, whether hardwood, tile, or marble is put onto the material. Finally, the wear layer is added, which is a clear, durable layer that protects its beauty for years to come. In addition, Luxury Vinyl is also DIY friendly which makes it perfect for everyone. It requires minimal tools, minimal preparations and minimal skill. As you can tell by browsing our website, Luxury Vinyl looks amazing, is affordable and holds up to the test of time. Browse our website for additional pictures of our Luxury Vinyl flooring. If you have any further questions, please contact us at (888) 517-0007 or support@bigtimefloors.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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